EUCAP webinar connected people from 18 countries

On 13th June, the member organisations of EUCAP showcased their accomplishments at our first international webinar. The speakers and participants came from 18 countries, 15 of them in Europe and three on other continents.

A poll conducted during the webinar showed that about 95% of the 108 participants were autistic. Many had multiple roles and perspectives to autism, being also parents of autistic children, professionals working to support other autistic people, or researchers.

The organisers received many positive comments. Participants wanted to know when the next webinar would take place, how the topics and speakers would be selected, and how they could receive information about upcoming events. The EUCAP Board and volunteers will consider these questions and plan the next steps, with special attention to publicity so all who are interested in attending can be reached.

As Autistic Pride is being celebrated around the world, we are proud of the hard work of the autistic people who have volunteered their time and skills to create EUCAP and this webinar. Our sense of pride also stems from being part of this vibrant, creative, resilient scene of autistic people’s communities and projects in Europe. Even as we struggle with the ways the pandemic has affected our lives, we are reaching out and connecting more than ever before.

The image above shows some of the speakers. From left to right at the top: Blaine Schembri, Heta Pukki, Willow Holloway, Alice Sodi.

From left to right in the middle: Michal Roškaňuk, Jo Minchin, Diederik Weve, Emmi Varis.

From left to right at the bottom: Silke Rudolph, Yo Dunn, Leneh Buckle, Martijn Dekker.