National Autism Strategy launched in Malta

On 30th March 2021, the Maltese government announced the publication of their National Autism Strategy, simultaneously launching a public consultation on autism related support and services. The consultation will help to finalize the Strategy.

The Strategy has been drafted by the Ministry for Inclusion and Wellbeing and,  as a specially appointed body operating under the Ministry, the Autism Advisory Council.

The Autism Advisory Council, chaired by Dr Alistair de Gaetano (image above), an autistic lawyer, has ensured the involvement of autistic people, families, professionals and experts in the creation of the strategy. They Council will continue to have a role in overseeing the implementation of the strategy, as well as generally engaging with stakeholders.

Malta’s National Autism Strategy is the result of years of work and preparation, with an emphasis on creating something that is realistic and implementable.

This is why, since 2018, the Council has organised a number of outreach events. We have organised meetings for service providers in the autism sector, we have engaged with schools and gone on University campus, we organised town hall and other sessions for persons on the autism spectrum. We also listened up close to the concerns of persons on the autism spectrum and their families, holding countless one-on-one meetings, to gauge the situation and factor in their experiences and wishes. We also spoke to professionals and practitioners.
(Alistair de Gaetano, Introduction to the Strategy)

Image below: The publication of the strategy and  the launching of the consultation were announced at a press conference. From left to right: Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Matthew Vella, Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, Dr Lydia Abela, Dr Alistair de Gaetano. (Photo by James Galea)


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