EUCAP survey launch

EUCAP is pleased to announce the launch of our 2021 survey, Autistic Priorities. The survey is the first entirely autistic-led pan-European survey of the views and priorities of autistic people.

The survey seeks to map the views of autistic people in Europe on three broad issues, covering autism research, different forms of support, and representation in decision-making and public discourse.

This survey is not a scientific study, but the members of the survey team have experience in both research and active roles in autistic communities. They come from three countries: Silke Lipinski from Germany, Annikka Suoninen from Finland, and Diederik Weve from the Netherlands.

Silke Lipinski
Annikka Suoninen
Diederik Weve

To reach as many people as possible across Europe, EUCAP welcomes assistance with dissemination of the survey from all organisations and individuals who are either involved in autism advocacy or work in the fields of autism services and research.


Download the full press release containing further information about the survey here.

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