Autistic advocacy across Europe webinar presentations on Youtube

Image: Slide from the webinar presentation by the EUCAP survey team, showing the numbers of languages, countries and respondents involved in the survey.

Six of the eight presentations from our webinar, held on 27th November this year, can now be viewed on our Youtube channel.

These talks offer a unique view of the variety and scope of work done by autistic people’s organisations in a number of European countries. They show the types of topics and themes that autistic people choose to pursue, of their own initiative, often with minimal resources.

In addition to the work of individual member organisations, we heard about the first preliminary results of the EUCAP survey. In line with earlier surveys and studies, this survey shows that autistic people would prefer research to focus on provision of services and reduction of stigma, while treating core symptoms of autism or preventing the birth of autistic people are disliked or viewed with skepticism.

The survey responses will be analysed and detailed results published in early 2022.