Join the EUCAP / AIRA training course on AI on 8-10 December 2023


The AIRA team are glad to invite members of EUCAP member organisations and their partners and allies to our live and online training course on Artificial Intelligence and the Rights of Autistic People.

Artificial intelligence is fast changing the landscape of our lives. With the AIRA project, EUCAP aims to map the uses of AI affecting autistic people, and build their capacity to advocate for themselves. This training will be a unique opportunity to explore many of the challenging, high-stakes issues raised by AI, and to answer the questions you may have on how it will affect autistic people. It will address such topics as:

  • What is known about autistic people’s knowledge and opinions regarding AI?
  • What are neural networks?
  • How is AI used in autism research?
  • What AI tools are available for autistic people?
  • How does ChatGPT work?
  • What are some promising avenues for future research?
  • How do we safeguard our interests and values regarding AI?
  • How do we advocate for useable AI?
  • What do we want AI for?
  • How is AI currently regulated in Europe?
  • Who are the actors in the AI landscape (developers, researchers, MEPs, …)?
  • How do we communicate effectively on the topic of AI?

It will also give participants a sneak peek into a new AI tool especially developed by Visium for autistic advocates: they will be able to use it for the very first time during the course of the training.


The training will be given by Kat Van der Poorten, with interventions by Heta Pukki and Eva Fialova.

Kat Van der Poorten

Kat Van der Poorten, a distinguished researcher for the AIRA project, explores the links between AI and autism with a commitment to inclusive technology and disability rights. She has compiled the collective knowledge of the AIRA team to create the main part of the materials for this training. Kat is Master in both Educational Sciences and Biology. She focuses on studying language emergence and developing evolutionary algorithms. She is an autistic advocate who is also active in LAVA, a Belgian autistic-run association which focuses on participatory research in the field of autism.

Eva Fialová

Eva Fialová’s research focuses on legal aspects of AI, autonomous systems, automated-decision making and related topics. She has given lectures on AI and human rights at the Faculty of Law in Prague, and is a member of the Committee on Human Rights and Modern Technologies of the Council of the Government for Human Rights, where she advises on the specific needs of disadvantaged people regarding new technologies. She has researched and published on the topic of the algorithmic surveillance performed by public authorities in public space, the detection of “non-standard” behaviour, and its consequences for human rights. In the AIRA project, Eva acts as a consultant, advising autistic advocates with the aim of developing effective advocacy strategies from the human rights perspective.

Heta Pukki

Heta Pukki, EUCAP’s President, is a veteran with a long experience of autistic advocacy and promoting autistic rights at the European level, as well as in her native Finland with the autistic-led organisation ASY. She has worked as a general coordinator in the background in AIRA, supporting the team to communicate about the seemingly abstract subject in an accessible manner, finding consultants to advise the team, and managing EUCAP collaboration with other organisations. Her presentation will emphasize the project’s shift to concrete advocacy over the next year, as well as the shared interests in AI-related matters between autistic people and other disability / minority groups.


The training will take place in Prague and online via Zoom. Attendance is free.

Please register here if you want to join us online. You will receive the Zoom links and instructions.

If you are in the region, you are welcome to join us for the live event at EUCAP’s headquarters in Prague. The event coordination is provided by the Czech autistic-run organisation Adventor. The location is Ječná 545/19, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic.

For any questions regarding the online course as well as the in-person course in Prague, please contact the event coordinator Vojta at


From 8 to 10 December 2023.


All times are Central European Time.

Day 1: Friday 8 December 2023

Session 1

19:30-21:30 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

(20:30-20:45 Short break)

Day 2: Saturday 9 December 2023

Session 2

9:30-10:00 AI and Autistic Rights: Our journey so far and the next steps, by Heta Pukki

10:00-12:00 AI impact on minority/disabled/autistic communities

(11:00-11:15 Short break)

Session 3

14:30-16:00 AI ethics and legislation, with Eva Fialová

(15:15-15:30 Short break)

Session 4

16:30-18:30 AI tools for autistic advocates – with hands-on activity (note: the hands-on activity may not be accessible to online participants)

(17:30-17:45 Short break)

Day 3: Sunday 10 December 2023

Session 5

9:30-11:00 AI Advocacy 1

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-13:00 AI Advocacy 2

13:00 End of the training.

For further information and last-minute changes to the schedule, see here.

Eva Fialová

In collaboration with the Autistic People’s Keys to Advocacy project (AAVA, Autismikirjon avaimet vaikuttamiseen) by Autistic Spectrum Finland