Happy Autistic Pride Day to all!

Today we celebrate the autistic community and autistic people the world over. Join us in the celebration and support our rights to speak for ourselves and fully participate in society. 

Autistic Pride Day started in 2005 as an initiative of an autistic community. In the same spirit, on the twentieth APD, many of our members celebrate around Europe, gathering for picnics, walking or marching. We take our masks off and we take pride in who we are.

To help us make our voices heard more widely, without gatekeeping or dilution of autistis views, we ask autistic people and allies to bring our Manifesto to the attention of politicians and decision-makers, and to include autistic people in all policy-making and decisions that concern us.

As an autistic person, we encourage you to advocate for yourself, and help giving platforms to other autistic advocates. If you want, join a local organisation, and let us know at EUCAP how we can best represent you. Even better, also join us as a volunteer.

All of us matter, we each have something unique to contribute. At EUCAP we are proud to work for such an incredible community.

For images of genuine autistic pride from around Europe, see the article APD 2024 in pictures. We will add images as events unfold throughout the week.

Article image: Drawing by Petra Lindberg