The European Council of Autistic People is an umbrella organisation for autistic-led national and regional organisations in Europe.

EUCAP aims to promote the welfare of autistic people in Europe through participation in public discourse, by networking and engaging with decision-making bodies, and by supporting co-operation between autistic-led groups across borders.

We welcome groups and organisations that have similar goals as either full or associate members.

We seek cooperation with other types of organisations that focus on advocacy, research and policy related to autism, as well as ones with a focus on neurodiversity in a broader sense.

EUCAP was founded in October 2019. It currently has seventeen member organisations in thirteen countries, representing over 2 000 individual autistic members, as well as two individual members in two countries where autistic people’s organisations do not yet exist.

The current number and home countries of member organisations are shown on the map below. 

Maps showing the 17 member organisations of EUCAP as of October 2021

EUCAP is an associate member of the European Disability Forum

EUCAP member organisations that use English as their main language, based in the United Kingdom and Malta:



Map (c) dmaps.com, source: https://d-maps.com/m/europa/europemax/europemax17.gif