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Project funded by the European Artificial Intelligence & Society Fund

Artificial Intelligence and the Rights of Autistic People (AIRA)

Developing new knowledge, training, and advocacy resources

AIRA is a two-year project (2023-2024) that maps the uses of artificial intelligence affecting the lives of autistic people, and builds up the capacity of autistic people to advocate for themselves.

AIRA focuses especially on the uses of artificial intelligence in diagnosis, treatments, interventions and augmentative & alternative communication for autism. These are mapped in the project’s literature review, initiated in early 2023. However, other more general uses of AI involve risks we share with various different minorities and disability groups, and the project will address these, as well.

A multi-language survey was completed in 2023, in collaboration with Professor Ilse Noens from the Belgian university KU Leuven. The results will be used in the next stages of the project, and a peer-reviewed article is expected to appear in 2024.

The ultimate goal of AIRA is to develop the capacity of EUCAP member organisations and the wider autistic community in Europe to advocate for autistic people in matters related to AI, supporting them to influence legislation, policies, research and industry. Training and materials for advocates will be made available in 2024.

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The team

Sara Rocha, Portugal, M.Sc., Data Manager
Imke Heuer, Germany, Ph.D., research associate