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EUCAP Manifesto 2024 for EU Elections

EUCAP campaign for the 2024 European elections

Autistic voices are not always represented in European policy and legislation.

Autistic voices are not always represented in European policy and legislation. For the 2024 EU elections happening on 6-9 June, we want to hear and highlight what autistic people want from the EU candidates and the EU parliament.

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Some of the priorities shared by autistic people through our campaign #AutisticVoicesInEU

Access to services and support
“Make it easier to get diagnosed and to get disability status. This makes it easier to ask for accommodations.”
“Mental health professionals need to know more about autism in girls and non-cis and POC, etc.”
“Sensory screening in kindergarden to increase early referrals.”
“Not to devalue the diagnosis or taking the diagnosis seriously.”
“Disability status for all autistic people”

Participation and inclusion
“Inclusion, voice, words, reception without judgments and free of prejudice.”

“We have done a lot for LGBTQ rights, neurodivergent people are next. Scary to come out at work.”
“In the UK you can self-report as autistic at work – we need this in Portugal too.”
“Adapted work in companies. Benefits to hiring with adapted work conditions.”
“Stricter policies for companies when hiring people with disabilities, to ensure that people are not dismissed for discrimination because they have a disability or a high level of support.”

“Traffic lights beeping is meant to accommodate blind people but it’s unbearable for autistic people.”
“Quiet hour/room in public services and supermarkets.”
“Make public spaces neurodivergent-friendly: more pleasant for all! Bright lights suck!”
“More accessible transport system with silent carriage.”
“Making the sunflower cord (hidden disabilities) recognised throughout Europe, whether at airports or in other services.”
“Mandatory training for establishments/services that have priority access to people with the European disability card (to know how to help in cases of overload, for example). – across the board for the health sector, law enforcement officers, etc…”
“There should be an auditing body set up by people with disabilities and neurodivergent people for companies or establishments, as well as an independent Complaint Portal specifically for people with disabilities.”
“Improve accessibility to public services.”

“Autistic people are being held in institutions against the wishes of their family – STOP this now!”

“I would like the EU to stop funding institutionalisation and give it to disabled-led organisations to build services in the community, criminalise forced sterilisation and ensure autistic people participation and leadership in EU policies and strategies.”

“Make schools neurodivergent-friendly, which actually makes it better for all.”
“Respect for the parents of these children in schools. Priority in retail areas to avoid overwhelm.”