EUCAP Survey 2022 - ABA

This survey mapped the views, perceptions and knowledge of autistic people concerning ABA. 

The survey was available in 14 languages. We were primarily seeking information about European countries, but autistic people from other parts of the world are welcome to respond, as well.

We hope that the results will provide useful information for autistic people’s organisations and communities, policymakers and legislators, as well as educators, therapists, disability service providers and clinicians who work with autistic people.

In EUCAP, we have used the results to understand what action we can take to support our member organisations and the wider autistic community. Our 2024 Position Statement on ABA is partly based on this survey.


Infographics of ABA Survey Results

Download Infographic Print version PDF – without background colours (pdf, 1 MB)


At the EUCAP webinar on Autism Acceptance Day, April 2nd 2023, Fiona Clarke presented preliminary result from the survey.

Guest speakers:

Yo Dunn: National Autistic Taskforce and the Independent Guide to Quality Care for Autistic People
Andy McDonnell: The Low Arousal Approach