EUCAP Survey 2021 - Autistic Priorities

This survey mapped the views of autistic people throughout Europe in 12 languages, covering three themes:

  • autism research: what should be studied and how
  • various forms of support, therapy or treatment
  • how autistic people should be represented in decision-making

The information gained from this survey will be used by EUCAP and its members to influence the development of autism policies, and to inform decision-makers, researchers, research funding institutions and the general public about autistic people’s priorities.

The survey was designed by a team of three autistic people with background in research. Translations were provided by volunteers from member organisations.

 EUCAP received no funding for this survey, and it is not associated with any university or other research institution. Data can only be shared outside EUCAP by applying and receiving approval from the EUCAP board, which consists of elected representatives of autistic-led organisations.


To view the main results, download this factsheet (pdf).

Autistic Priorities Factsheet

To view a presentation about preliminary results, see this video.

Questions or comments?

Do you have ideas for the next EUCAP survey? Would you like to volunteer to translate, disseminate or publicize results? What could be done differently to reach more autistic people?

You can contact the survey team by sending email to


Factsheet with summarised results of the survey

Download Factsheet (pdf, 1 MB)

Webinar presentation: EUCAP survey data as a means to support advocacy

The survey was conducted in the following languages