Webinar 2020

A unique gathering 

EUCAP’s 2020 webinar brought together autistic speakers from several European countries to share their knowledge and vision. 

These speakers represent organisations and action groups that organise events, run projects, influence public opinion and policy, and engage in political advocacy in their respective countries. This event was an opportunity for them to learn about each other and strengthen their connections, while showcasing their accomplishments to a broader audience.


Speakers and Presentations

Heta Pukki, President of EUCAP and Chair of the Board at Suomen Autismikirjon Yhdistys

A brief introduction to EUCAP

A number of autistic people from across Europe have worked over three years to develop the vision of our own umbrella organisation. In this process, we have discovered shared principles as well as differences in the ways we pursue our goals.

Michal Roškaňuk, CEO, Adventor

Developing a community centre in Prague as a self-funded activity

When a group of people with something in common want to establish a community centre, location is the first question to solve. However, this is just the first step on the long journey to a successful, useful and attractive centre. Services are needed from external providers, and they need to be paid. This presentation offers some insights on how Adventor handles this challenge.

Ir Diederik Weve, former chairman of PAS Nederland

The Dutch Autism Research Agenda

Be open-minded and unbiased when you investigate. Yet most autism research is not grounded on scientific evidence what the end-users want. We launched a large open-question survey and analysed the themes relevant for autistics, parents and legal representatives. This influenced the research agenda of the Autism Academic Workplaces 2019-2022.

Emmi Varis and Anssi Ovaskainen, project workers at Autistic Spectrum Finland (Suomen Autismikirjon Yhdistys)

Fostering stability in peer-led activities in Finland

The Finnish project Vakautta vertaistoimintaan (stability in peer-led activity) has been developing ways to empower autistic peer group leaders. Emmi and Anssi will describe some of the results, including ways the project responded to the pandemic by supporting social groups to function online.

Dr Alistair De Gaetano and Blaine Schembri

Autistic advocacy in Malta

The autism advocacy scene in Malta has some unique features, due to the country’s Persons within the Autism Spectrum (Empowerment) Act and the national Autism Advisory Council.

NP bulb

Alice Sodi, Chair of the Board, Associazione Neuro-Peculiar

The video series L’autismo risponde – Autism answers and the state of the art of advocacy in Italy

L’autismo risponde is a series of 22 short videos published on YouTube during April 2020. In these videos, several autistic Italians answer questions about autism, addressing the concerns of parents and correcting misconceptions. Samples will be viewed and discussed also to talk about the state of the art of the advocacy in Italy.

Willow Holloway, Chair of the Board, Autistic UK

The Triad of Empowerment:  Self Awareness, Self Acceptance and Self Advocacy

A short talk on the journey to becoming an Autistic Advocate.

Silke Rudolph, Board Member of EUCAP

Autistic people’s association in Denmark: past and present

Silke will introduce Autism- og Aspergerforeningen for Voksne, the largest association of autistic people in Europe, describing aspects of its history, typical activity, and interaction with the Danish parents’ organisation.

Martijn 2019

Martijn Dekker, Chair of the Board, Autscape Organisation

Leneh Buckle, Board member and Programme Coordinator, Autscape Organisation

An introduction to Autscape

Thibault Corneloup and Rija Ramiandrisoa, Cle Autistes

An introduction to Cle Autistes



Jo Minchin and Dr Yo Dunn

The National Autistic Taskforce in the UK

This presentation is an introduction to the NAT and what it is currently doing. We are bringing autistic voices and concerns to the fore in national policy and decision making in the UK.