Webinar information for participants

Joining the webinar

If you need to make sure that your audio and video connection work on Zoom, you can sign in before the webinar starts on Saturday, from 8.45 / 9.45 / 10.45 am onwards. Tech support will be available, but may be overwhelmed if many people sign in at the last minute and need help.

The programme starts at 9.45 BST /10.45 CEST /11.45 EEST.

The link that you need to join is in the email you received after registering as a participant. If you need to have it re-sent, please contact us.

Support for speakers and attendees

We will have an online secretary available to support speakers and participants throughout the event. The secretary will keep an eye on questions and requests from the audience.

A tech support person will try to help you with any technical problems that you might have

Zoom roles and interaction

When you arrive at the webinar, you are an ‘attendee’, which means that you cannot switch on your audio or video connection. You can type questions into a Question and Answer section, or chat with other participants in a Chat section.

You can also request a turn to speak. If the presenter agrees, your audio and video can be switched on temporarily to allow a spoken question or comment.

If there are more questions than a speaker can answer within their half-hour slot, unanswered questions from the Q&A section will be saved for the Question and Answer session, held at the end of the day. If you want to make sure that your question is given to a specific speaker, name them when typing the question.


During breaks, all attendees will be switched to the ‘panelist’ role, allowing everyone to speak and have their video on freely. With large numbers of people, this could get chaotic. We will provide a Discord channel which will serve as an additional space for discussion and as a backup communication route. A link to this will be posted in the webinar’s Chat section.

Video recording of presentations

If speakers give us permission to show recorded presentations, these will be made available for viewing by registered attendees within one month of the webinar, at Zoom sessions that we will host. Speakers can use videos of themselves freely, and they may decide about other possible uses.

We will not include names, voices or images of attendees in any video material that we might show later, unless we are given specific written permission to do so.

Participants are requested to not make recordings of the content, except when needed as a disability adjustment for private viewing.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us. The contact email address during the webinar is zoom@eucap.eu.